Sunday, October 18, 2009


Introducing Uji Terkuma Harry, a design student from Nigeria, who has a drive for designing cars.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cyprian Onyango

Introducing Cyprian Onyango, a designer from Kenya, with a passion for styling vehicles.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Wissiem Soussi

Introducing Wissiem Soussi from Tunisia. A professional automotive designer running his own design studio in France. The AADA is proud to have him as one of our Honourary members.

Paul Akintunde

Introducing Paul Akintunde from Nigeria. A professional designer and graduate from the Royal Collage of Art. He runs his own design studio dealing in multiple design disciplines. The AADA is proud to have him as a part our design movement.

Tonami Playman

Introducing Tonami Playman form Nigeria. A computer scientist with a goal of designing a car for Nigeria. The AADA is proud of his efforts and determination to realise his dream.

Mina Reefat

Introducing Mina Reefat from Egypt. A designer with a passion for designing cars using 3d software.

Tom Stevenson

Introducing Tom Stevenson from South Africa. He is a professional Mechanical Engineer who loves to design cars.

Walid Emad

Introducing Walid Emad a designer from Egypt. Here is a sample of his design work.

John Kalu

Introducing John Kalu from Nigeria. The winner of AADA's first design competition and a designer with a drive to make it into the automotive design field, what ever it takes.

Eric Babu

Introducing Eric Babu from Kenya. A design professional with a passion for designing cars.